Buddy Story

One day we all woke up with the news that a new war just started. We did not really understand the consequences in the beginning, but once we found out about the devastation which was caused by this war in Ukraine, we all had strong feeling of helping the people in need. Unfortunately the most of us are not capable of taking a gun and go to the frontline to help Ukraine. Our team is made out of people who are not able to take up guns, but we still wanted to help. The desire to help the people who were affected by war created the idea of our NFT buddy.

Through our little buddy, the Inari Fox, we would like to give support to the less fortunate countries.

Our first focus will be Ukraine. With every purchase of our buddy you are automatically supporting the country and its people who have lost their homes and their loved once. Furthermore, 5% Royalties will be deducted from our NFT trades in order to support Ukraine.

After a certain amount of money is gathered, we will transfer the capital in batches to the people of Ukraine and its government. Moreover we will support trusted charities which are organizing different aid transports to Ukraine and additionally we want to organize truck rides with food, cloths, medicine, hygiene items and drive it to the Ukrainian border, the proofs will be posted to our website and Twitter.

We did not forget about our supporters. We know without support, we won`t be able to help, that is why we are planning to introduce different promotions were everybody who purchased a buddy is able to win money and free NFT.

As for the start we would like to introduce our first promotion:

We mint the first 200 NFT`s by ourselfes, this will be our only legendary NFT`s. This 200 unique NFT`s will be used for our special giveaways.

Every 1000st mint will trigger a contest where 5 random holders are able to win 1 legendary NFT each.

We will drop daily 1 legendary NFT from our collection. If you like and retweet our posts, you will automatically participate in our contest where you can win the legendary NFT. If you are a chosen winner, just post your wallet address.

After 10k minted buddies: 5x 250$, 4x 500$, 1x 1750$
After 20k minted buddies: 5x 500$, 4x 1000$, 1x 3500$

We will send the price money in Matic at your minted address.

Every 1000st mint will trigger the contest, where 10 random hodlers can win 10% of the minting cost.

Our Collection „Tales of the Inari Fox“ has 20,000 unique NFT‘s with up to +550 different traits.

We are happy for every support we receive from you and would like to express our gratitude by giving everybody a chance to win these prices above.

But please do not forget one thing, we are here to help people and if you are a part of the buddy collection, you are automatically helping these people too!

We hope this conflict will be over soon! We are completely against all kind of wars, that is why once Russia stopps its agression against Ukraine, we will support other countries which are or were affected by wars with your help and support. That is why our buddy still has a lot of work to do and a lot of help to provide.

For now we say: Слава Україні! Героям Слава! Слава нації!



Our Collection „Tales of the Inari Fox“ has 20,000 unique NFT‘s with up to +550 different traits.

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Our Collection „Tales of the Inari Fox“ has 20,000 unique NFT‘s with up to +550 different traits.